Thursday, March 27, 2008

Choosing Your Words for Your Ads

I read an ad today that prompted this blog post. The ad was written in the negative. It said "if you are doing this, you are harming yourself". While the statement may or may not be true, what's happened with just that one sentence is that anyone who is doing that now feels as if they've been scolded. This is not the way to attract business to you. The same is true of the sentence "stop doing this". Whatever "this" happens to be, no one wants to be told they need to stop.

Change your advertising to say "I can help you do this better". Ahh we all want to be better at what we're already doing. Many are looking for a way to do it better. See what a huge difference that slight change of words can make?

Have you ever seen an ad that was 3 miles long? Did you read it? Why not? It was too long. While I'm the first to agree we can often find pages of information to give to others, it's so important that we chooose a few key points to advertise and then as asked provide the remainder of the information. No one is going to read a 3 mile long ad.

When you write an ad, ask someone to read it and provide feedback. Choose your words carefully!!

Audrey :)

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