Monday, January 14, 2008

Tupperware Modular Mates

Tupperware has been making modular mates for as far back as I can remember. Anyone else remember the gold looking seals on Modular Mates? Today, Tupperware has blue seals and red seals. My friend Shelly has her entire kitchen done with red Modular Mates. I personally prefer the blue. Over the years, Tupperware has also had hunter green lids, black lids and yellow lids.

While Tupperware products are known as "kitchen products", the Modular Mates can be used in almost every room in the house. Here are some ideas:

In the bathroom - Store your cotton balls in one of the round Modular Mates. Store pony tail holders and scrunchies in a Modular Mates container. You can also store bath salts, nail polishes and makeup in our Modular Mates containers.

In your craft room or sewing room - Store spools of thread in one of our many Modular Mates containers. Store ribbons and/or lace easily in any of the containers. Store needles and knitting and crochet hooks in one of our rectangular Modular Mates.

In the toy room - Store dice and other small pieces in our small round Modular Mates. Store puzzle pieces in a container. Crayon pieces, colored pencils and markers fit very nicely in many of Modular Mates containers. Do you own Barbie dolls? Store purses, shoes and other Barbie accessories all in one container.

In the garage - Store nails, nuts, bolts and drill bits. Do you have a garden? Modular Mates are wonderful for storing seeds for any type of garden, vegetable or flower.

In the kitchen - The ideas in the kitchen for Modular Mates are never ending. Chocolate chips, potato chips, cereal, packs of gum, raisin boxes, hard candies and more easily fit in several of our containers. We also store dry dog food, in the Cereal Storer. Makes pouring into dishes very easy. You can store tea bags, coffee beans and kool-aid packets. You can organize an entire kitchen with Tupperware Modular Mates.

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