Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tupperware Online

Tupperware sure has come a long way since the 1940's. Back then Tupperware was the home party leader.

Today, thousands of people build online Tupperware businesses with the many tools Tupperware offers their sale force.

Tupperware offers all consultants their own Tupperware email. This means you are able to send and receive email at a You are able to completely customize your my.tupperware email account.

In addtion, Tupperware has prewritten marketing emails that you can use for your business. Each month, Tupperware offers several choices of these prewritten emails.

Each Tupperware consultant receives a Tupperware website free of charge for their first 30 days. After 30 days, a minimal charge is added. These websites are again very customizable so that you can create a very unique Tupperware site for your business. Your website comes with page stats.

Your website is constantly updated with sale products, product news and current catalogs.

Not a graphic designer? Not a problem, Tupperware has a large selection of buttons and banners for you to use.

Tupperware continues to support an online business by providing corporate consultant message boards with a wide range of topics.

Online parties are very popular today. Tupperware supports your online parties with online party tracking, online catalogs and online party tools.

Both you and your customers can securely place all orders online. No needs for paperwork or phone calls. Tupperware keeps tracks of all online sales and provides reports to you that update as soon as orders are placed, no waiting until the close of the business day.

Online training is offered through Tupperware University and is all free to consultants.

Yes, Tupperware sure has changed with the times.

To order Tupperware products or receive more information on their consultant opportunity, visit

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