Monday, January 21, 2008

Tupperware Stuffables

If you have not yet seen the Tupperware Stuffables, you are in for a treat. These containers have expandable lids. You can fill your container and then fill it a bit more as the lid pushes out.
These containers are also wonderful for those odd shaped or bulky items.

These containers won the Good Housekeeping "Good Buy" Award! Covered under Tupperwares Life-Time Product guarantee so you can't go wrong with these containers!

8 cup capacity
6 cup capacity
4 cup capacity

If you're like me and like little containers, then the Stuffables mini-set is perfect for you!! A set of 3 containers with seals and includes a 1 cup, 2 cup and a 3 cup container.

Tupperware Tip:

For maximum freshness, expel air from your Tupperware Stuffables Storage Containers by pushing down lightly on center circle, and walking the seal around the container.

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