Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Warm Market

I was out reading articles this morning and was actually a bit surprised to read that folks are still training new team members to approach their "warm market."

For those who might not know the term, "warm market" refers to those you already know, whether it be friends and family, or the gal who does your hair, maybe even the receptionist at your doctor's office. These are all your "warm market."

Since day one, I've always had a problem with "warm market" marketing. I personally know a lot of people. I've been in this town for 15 years now. I belong to several groups and so many folks have considered me their "warm market." The problem is that I'm almost never looking for what is being offered to me, so I turn into a no for the new marketer.

I am very much in support of letting folks know what you do but without the expectation that this will turn into a sales or a new recruit. There are several ways to let those you already know become aware of what you do:

1. Add a signature line to your current emails
2. In conversation offer one sentence "I'm so excited, I began selling _____"
3. When giving gifts, give a gift you have purchased from yourself, or even a gift certificate from your own personal store
4. Offer a referral gift, allowing you to say "if you ever know anyone who wants _____ please do send them my way. As a thank you, I'm happy to _____" Your gift can be a product, a gift certificate or even something non related to your business, maybe a gift certificate to a local store, hair salon or restaurant
5. Offer fundraisers in your town and get a local reporter to write about it in the local newspaper. This is a wonderful way to let those you know, know what you are doing.

Relationships truly do need to be treated as the precisous gem they are. My suggestion is not to harm those relationships by "approaching" your warm market with your sales pitch.

Would love to hear your comments on this.

Audrey :)


Twinklescrapbooks said...

I like the idea of letting others know what you do by adding it in your siggy. I made a banner in photoshop and put it in my siggy on email so people have my contact info like email, blogs,etc.
:) Tina

listplanit said...

Warm Market. I did not know that term. I have always considered marketing my biggest hurdle, and especially to my "warm market". I'm glad to know what to call that. Thanks!