Friday, May 23, 2008

Writing Articles To Market Your Business

I've been writing articles for many years now. A few years ago, Denise Willms purchased If you have never submitted articles to Denises database, I strongly recommend doing so today. If you don't have an account there, sign up today. It's free and Denise offers plenty of freebies to her new members. Enjoy this article I wrote on article marketing.

Can Article Marketing Help Your Direct Sales Business?

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is “how can I advertise for free?” I have never supported methods such as free classifieds. Nobody reads this. If you look, thousands of folks come and post an ad and never read a thing.

I am a very strong supporter of article writing. Article writing allows you to determine exactly what keywords you are targeting and to get very targeted visitors to your site.

I would rather see someone write 3 articles per week versus placing 100 free classified ads in a week.

If you sell children’s toys or children’s books, write parenting articles. Those who read the articles are the very people who are buying toys. If you sell dietary supplements, write health and wellness articles. Again, those who read your articles are going to be people looking for the very product you offer. If you sell make up and skin care, write articles about fashion and beauty.

Who do you want to visit your site? You want potential customers and potential new sales distributors to visit your site. So, how can you make sure that those coming to your site want what you are offering? Write about the topics that relate to what you are selling. Those who search for your articles or find your articles through a keyword search are interested in what you are offering. Parents need toys. When you write about parenting, your audience is the very people who just might buy from you.

Choose a few keywords or keyword phrases that your potential customers might be searching for. Now write about them. Become an expert writer in your field. Write articles that solve every potential problem or question someone might ask you.

Article writing is the best method of free advertising I’ve ever found. Try it. See if you don’t see increased hits to your website that I hope will lead to sales for you.

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Thanks for visiting my site over Mommyfest! I love your blog and all the tips & tricks related to business! Good stuff. :) I'll definately be back. Have a great weekend!

Denise said...

Hi Audrey, I'm glad you find WAHM Articles a helpful resource. I love your article about how article marketing can help a direct sales business. I often refer to it when I'm explaining to people how article marketing can help them. Even though you focus on direct sales businesses, what you say is applicable to almost every other business as well!

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Thanks so much for stopping by our Hawaii WAHMs blog! I am very interested in the article tips that you have provided and will look into Denise's site. I also love your recipe blog.
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ash said...

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I have been struggling to write press releases. This article just made it so much more clear on how to do it. Thank you for your help!