Thursday, October 16, 2008

Create Your Own Flyers

One of the benefits of joining a direct sales company is that usually it’s a very turnkey business. Between your upline and the company, most training materials should already be in place.

In addition to all of the materials already provided, I also like to be unique and do some creating on my own. These small things are what will brand you and make you stick out.

You can create business cards, postcards and flyers for your business, all of which will bring others to you.

Creating flyers is very simple. I use a combination of Microsoft Word, Printshop and Microsoft Publisher. All of these programs have templates you can use and formatting already in place.

Consider creating both a product flyer and also a recruiting flyer. Your product flyers can be given to existing customers, mailed out to potential customers and hung on bulletin boards around town. Import photos of your products and keep the wording to bullet points so that the person reading can glance and not have to read. Here’s an example:

October 1st – October 31st (put this in bold)

Buy one product, get one at half price
Insert photo of product here

Now list 3 reasons why someone should buy this product. Make these 3 points bullet points.

Your name and contact information would then go on the bottom. You are creating this flyer to generate interest in your product. You only want to entice someone to contact you for more information or with an offer they can’t get directly out of the catalog.

The other flyer to create is a recruiting flyer. I’ve made quarter sheet flyers, half sheet flyers and full sheet flyers.

I always like to include a photo of a product or the company logo to let others know up front what the company and opportunity are.

A sample flyer might look like this:

Company Logo/Name (bold and centered)

I have been helping others work at home since (insert year here)

Now list 3 bullet points about your company:

Possibly price to join.
Possibly the amount of years the company has been in business.
Possibly how they can get a company website

Your contact information then goes at the bottom. Again, your goal is to entice, not make the actual sale through the flyer.

Try creating some flyers for your business and set yourself apart from the others.

Audrey :)

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