Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fighting City Hall

I wonder if some of you can offer your opinion to me.

I write articles. My goal recently has been to write articles for those in direct sales. I've been very careful to make sure most of my titles include the words "network marketing" or "direct sales"

Those articles have all been submitted to a few directories, including I wrote a series on fundraising in direct sales and submitted them to the direct sales category. Ezine Articles accepted my articles but changed the category. They put the series of articles into their fundraising category.

I did write ezinearticles and said that there might be times that two categories would be appropriate and in this case I really wanted the series of articles in the network marketing category. I was refused.

Here are the 7 articles and the category I was forced to be in:

Plan Ahead For a Successful Fundraiser in Direct Sales - Fundraising
Increase Your Sales in Network Marketing With Fundraisers -Fundraising
Hosting a Direct Sales Fundraiser For a Church Or Synagogue - Fundraising
Fundraising in Direct Sales - Fundraising
Seven Tips to a Successful Fundraiser in Direct Sales - Fundraising
Choosing a Time Frame For Your Direct Sales Fundraiser - Fundraising
Creating a Packet For a Successful Fundraiser in Direct Sales - Fundraising

Unfortunately, the people these articles were written to help won't find the articles unless they do keyword searches.

Since I did write them and was refused, what do you suggest? I have put a few of the articles on my blog. I have also submitted them to other directories and each time they were accepted into the direct sales or network marketing category.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Audrey :)


Nancy Kraska said...

I too have had this problem with the same site. If they were put in the fundraising category, I think it is because you have fundraising first then direct sales. Not sure, but when I posted an article that had both home business and work at home in the title they only would post it in the first listing. Later I went and rewrote the same article, put the other phrase first and that is where it was put. Does that make sense?

Stacy said...

Maybe it's time to use another article directory site. I've used in the past and the staff there was friendly and helpful. The only thing is that their site has a PR of 5 whereas Ezinearticles has a PR of 6. I don't know if that makes a big difference or not (I'm still trying to learn about page rank).

Suzanne said...

I'm sorry to hear this. I just read a few of your articles and posts and you are clearly speaking about direct sales. I wish I had you in my corner when I was in direct sales myself a few years back.