Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Direct Sales – Selling More Than Your Products

Being an article writer I have seen many authors offer a variety of items in their article bylines. There is much more to offer in direct sales than your products.

Direct sales is relationship building. What better way to build a relationship than to offer something to someone else. You can offer an e-book or e-series related to the products you sell. For example, if you sell health and wellness products, consider writing an ebook with chapters on nutrition, exercise, recipes, how to choose supplements, how to read labels etc. You can give away this ebook on your own website and you can offer it to others to give away. The ebook will have your name and your URL inside. This is a wonderful way to sell yourself without selling your products or opportunity to others.

What about offering a monthly newsletter? You can have a link to sign up for your newsletter on your website and on your blog. You can put the link to sign up in your emails, on articles you write and on signatures in online communities. Newsletters get forwarded to others all of the time. If I get a newsletter that contains an article I think one of my friends will enjoy, I send the newsletter to them.

Do you have a “title” with your direct sales company? Often companies have managers or directors or executives. Sell your title. When you write articles or when you post in communities, use that title. Let others know about the title you’ve achieved.

I was recently interviewed twice. Both interviews were placed on the interviewers’ blogs. One interview was written out and one was an audio interview. Several people have read and listened to these two interviews.

Do you write articles? If you do, consider buying a URL that links directly to all of your articles. This was an idea from Jeff Herring and I bought a domain that forwards right to each and every one of my articles.

In each example provided, I’ve offered something other than my products to others. I’ve sold others on the benefits of a relationship with me. Try offering something other than your products and see if you can grow your own business.

Audrey :)

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