Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting Referrals in Network Marketing

If you are not currently asking for referrals, you may be missing a lot of potential business for your network marketing business.

Have you ever called a cold lead? I think the term “cold” came into play as it can be like talking to ice when you speak to someone you don’t know about something they may or may not be interested in.

Now think of the times you’ve spoken with someone you’re acquainted with who knows you and your products. Those conversations are much warmer and much more comfortable for everyone involved.

A referral is very much a “warm” lead. You already share one thing in common, a friendship with the person who did the referring.

There are several ways to ask for a referral. You can let your current customers know that you are accepting new customers and that there is a 10% discount for the new customer on their first order and a 10% discount to the referrer on their next order.

When you hand out catalogs you can add a sticker that says “gift for all referrals.”

When you send out your newsletter include a section that thanks those who have provided referrals for you.

What I don’t suggest doing is saying, “Do you know anyone who might want my products?” We live in a society where we are sold to so often we automatically say no without much thought.

If you’re face to face and the opportunity presents itself, you might say to your customer “I’m so thankful for referrals I’ll give you 50% off that one item you’ve been wanting if someone you refer to me places an order over $35.” Of course you can alter this sentence to make it fit for the company you represent. It’s just another way to get a referral without saying “do you know anyone?”

Referrals are such a wonderful gift to your business that you might consider all of these suggestions to build your warm list of referrals from current customers.

Audrey :)

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