Sunday, October 11, 2009

Eight Benefits of Direct Sales

I’ve been asked many times the benefits of a direct sales business over a privately-owned one-person business. While I’m not suggesting one is better than the other, I’d like to share what I believe are some of the benefits of having a direct sales business:

1. Lots of options. There are many direct sales companies to choose from. You can choose a company that meets your needs in terms of products and compensation plans.

2. You do not have to develop the product yourself. The company will take care of product manufacturing and product support materials.

3. The start-up costs are usually very minimal. You pay for a starter kit and possibly a few support materials. While you can often purchase a company site, you do not need to invest in site development, shopping carts and other sales related items needed for an internet presence.

4. While the income is completely commissioned, the hours are very flexible. You can work around children’s schedules, outside work schedules and other commitments you may have. If you need to work in the early morning or late at night, it can be done.

5. Many people enjoy the recognition that direct sales offers. It’s really awesome to see your name in print and to be recognized for your achievements. I’ve heard many times that the recognition makes the work very worthwhile.

6. If you are a person who enjoys helping others, direct sales might be a perfect choice. You’ll help people through product sales and you’ll also help people when you bring them into the business and mentor them in sales and leadership.

7. The opportunity for personal growth is enormous. When I look back at where I was ten years ago and where I am today, it’s astounding. There are so many awesome mentors out there very willing to help you and coach you.

8. If you love the products you’re selling, it’s awesome to receive a discount on your own purchases. I’ve met many people over the years who have joined companies strictly for the benefit of the discount for themselves and their family.

These are just eight benefits of joining a direct sales company. Is network marketing right for you?

Audrey :)

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