Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Removing the Fear In Direct Sales

Very often I hear people say, “Oh I could never be in direct sales, I’d be too afraid.”

If you’d like to overcome your fear, the first step is identifying what it is you’re afraid of. I’ve found that when someone speaks of fear in direct sales, the fear usually is rooted in a few areas:

Fear of rejection – When someone says no to a product or a business opportunity, the salesperson needs to be able to understand that the “no” has nothing to do with the person. The no means that for today the product or opportunity does not meet the needs of the person you’re speaking to. Have you ever said no to something and then a week, month or year later said yes? This is because at the time you said no, the item you said no to did not meet your needs on that particular day. Your no was not about the sales person but about not needing the product right then.

Fear of being pushy – I think many of us have met pushy salespeople. They’re the ones who will call your house ten times in a one hour period. They’re the ones who forget to say hello and instead, immediately launch into a sales pitch. Those who are like this are probably like this outside of sales also. These are just people who believe they have all of the answers and that what they have to offer is the only possible solution to a buyer’s needs. If you’re not pushy now, then don’t become pushy once you begin selling a product.

Fear that the product will not meet the consumer’s needs – Make sure you clearly understand the return policy of your company. Make sure your customers know what their options are should they not be satisfied. Try some of the products before you sell them. All of us have made a purchase and that purchase did not meet our expectations. We return the product and go about our day. Often we’ll buy again from the seller, we just were not happy with that one product. If you’re comfortable with the company, if you like the company’s return policy, then feel confident selling their products to others.

Spend some time speaking with the person you have thought about joining but were too afraid to join. If they’re a non-pushy sales person, they’ll be able to share some thoughts and ideas with you with no obligation on your part. You still may decide that a direct sales career is not the right career for you, but you may just discover something you’ll love and be a part of for years to come.

Audrey :)

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