Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Cleaning in Network Marketing

If you’re in network marketing, then you know products will change with the seasons.
With fall just around the corner, it’s time to clean out supplies and products that you had over the summer time.

We just moved and so I had the opportunity to clean out old supplies during the packing process. I threw out quite a few older items, creating fewer boxes to pack and unload on the other end.

So what should you save and what should you throw out with the change of seasons?

1. Throw out network marketing catalogs with wrong prices. Companies do change and update catalogs. If the prices have not increased, it’s ok to keep the catalogs and hand them out, but if prices have changed, toss the catalogs. When customers see a price, they want the item at the price in the catalog they’re looking at.

2. Throw out old policy and procedure guides. Network marketing companies update their policies and procedures regularly. Make sure that the copy you have is the most recent and accurate copy. If someone has a question, you don’t want to answer based on the policy five years ago.

3. Put aside discontinued products. While the product might be new and sellable, you don’t want to demo or show a product that can not be ordered by a customer. Either put the product into your personal collection or offer the product as a giveaway.

4. If you save company literature on conferences, get rid of old literature. Unless you’re holding onto it to create a scrapbook of a trip taken, get rid of old conference literature.

5. Most companies have incentives through out the year. Get rid of any old incentive information. You want to keep current incentive information at your fingertips, but old information no longer does you any good.

When we moved, I was amazed at how much older information I had. I was able to lighten our moving load quite a bit by cleaning out all of the old network marketing literature I had. Go through your shelves and see what you can discard and what should continue to be saved.

Audrey :)

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