Monday, November 9, 2009

Who Are You In Network Marketing?

When you consider how you’re known in the cyber world, it’s important to consider what name you use to present yourself to others.

I am a person who loves social media. Recently, I’ve been getting a slew of friend requests from company names versus people names. Each time I receive one of these requests, I hit “ignore.” I really don’t wish to be friends with ABC Company. I much prefer to be friends with a real person.

Very often these anonymous requests come from people involved in network marketing. I do go to their profiles and I see they represent a network marketing company.

Sales and teams are built through personal relationships in network marketing. If you don’t even use your real name, how can you expect to build relationships?

I’m a strong supporter of introducing yourself to others and then, if and when the time is right, introducing your products to the new person in your life. When I get a friend request from a company name, whoever is behind the company is trying to introduce me to the product first.

Consider your own purchasing habits. How often do you buy items from an unknown source and through someone who doesn’t even use their real name?

If you use social media? as a form of exposure, attach your name. Attach your city and state. Let people know who you are.

If you use a blog as a form of exposure, once again, use your name. I can’t even count the amount of comments I’ve gotten on my blog from company names. I go to their profile and there is nothing personal about them. I have no idea who they are. I only know their company name. I click away. I want to meet and know people. I am not interested in learning about the company or the company’s products.

Consider who you are as you market and put your name out there in cyber space. How do you want to be known? Do you want people to know you as Company ABC, or do you want people to know you are a real person willing to be known?

Audrey :)

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