Saturday, November 21, 2009

Online Network Marketing – A Daily Checklist

If you are running an online network marketing business, there are several things you should be doing each and every day:

1. Updating your blog – I’ve recently started pre-scheduling posts one week at a time. This means I only write posts once per week, but I write four to six posts when I do write them.

2. Commenting on other blogs – I try to go out at least two or three times per week to comment on the blogs that I follow and subscribe to.

3. Social media updating – Those using the internet to promote their network marketing businesses should belong to one or two social media networks. Updating your pages, groups etc should be part of your daily routine. Facebook is actually my favorite. I invest a little bit of time each day reading my groups, commenting on photos and statuses and answering personal messages.

4. Reading articles and blogs associated with your market – Everyone sells a different product line. Find a few blogs that cater to what you’re selling. For example, if you sell home décor, find a few blogs from experts in interior design and read what they have to say. If you sell dietary supplements, find a few blogs on health and wellness and read what they are saying. Subscribe to Google alerts for a few keywords associated with what you sell and read the daily updates.

5. Contact leads and customers – I do my best to stay in touch with those who order from me and who have expressed an interest in selling my products. Every day, I check to see if I owe anyone a phone call or email. Often someone will say “contact me in a week.” I check my notes daily to see if I need to check back with anyone.

6. Check your company website – Companies update product information, incentives and special offers constantly. Check your company’s website each and every day for new information.

7. Network, network, network – Invest time each and every day getting to know new people. This can be incorporated into tasks you’re already doing. For example, find one new blog to follow and participate in. Or find one new “friend” on the social media network you belong to. Your business will grow through your relationships. Work hard on this one, meeting new people and letting them know who are.

These are just seven ideas on creating your own daily checklist of tasks you should be doing for your business. I find when it’s planned out and written down, I tend to be more successful in following through.

Audrey :)

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