Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Network Marketing – Promote Yourself as Eco-Friendly

If you are in network marketing, you have many opportunities to share your eco-friendly practices with team members and customers.

Whenever someone requests a catalog from me, I ask them if they would be interested in viewing the catalog online, thus saving paper. Over fifty percent of those I ask say yes.

For those that do request a paper catalog, I try to put stickers on the catalogs that say “share me with a friend.” I have even offered a discount for sharing the catalog and helping me get an additional customer order.

Instead of printing out company literature, create folders on your computer and store the information in the folders. I have several folders on my computer such as “company information”, “recruiting information”, “product information” and “customer information.”

When I read articles online that I really enjoy, instead of printing them out I save them to my computer. I have several folders for articles on my computer. I have “customer service”, “time management”, “sales tips” and more.

If you host home parties, consider using evites instead of paper invitations. Evites can be personalized and the site will keep track of R.S.V.P.’s and will even send out reminders for the party.

If you offer newsletters, offer an incentive for your customers and team members to receive your newsletter online instead of on paper through the mail. You’ll save money, paper and postage.

If you are delivering products to customers, ask if you can deliver the items without a bag. While a bag keeps the products neat and tidy, it also creates an item that eventually will end up in a landfill. If several people from one workplace are ordering, ask if you can have all orders shipped to one person. Not only will they save on shipping charges, but the company will be able to use fewer boxes to ship the order.

The ideas of being eco-friendly in network marketing are endless. Consider other ways you can help save the earth while providing your customers and team members with excellent service.

Audrey :)

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