Saturday, December 5, 2009

Using Postcards in Network Marketing

I have found postcards to be a wonderful marketing tool in network marketing. Many companies provide company postcards at a very minimal cost and the postage to send a postcard as of this writing is only twenty-eight cents.

I’d like to share several ideas on using postcards for your network marketing business:

1. Send a postcard to customers, leads and team members when it’s their birthday. A regular birthday card with postage can easily cost three dollars or more. With a company postcard and postage you’ll pay only fifty cents to wish someone a happy birthday.

2. Send a thank-you note for a purchase. Most companies have reports that show you orders that have been placed online. Send a note thanking the person for their purchase. Very few people today send thank-you notes. This gesture will make you stand out in customer service.

3. When a team member has a good month, send them a card letting them know what a great job they’ve done. Everyone I know enjoys hearing how wonderful they are.

4. If you receive great customer service at a local retail establishment, send a postcard to thank the business for their great service. Good customer service is not common these days and so when you receive it, let people know their smiles are appreciated.

5. When a potential recruit has taken the time to speak with you, send them a thank-you for their time card. If they are shopping around for a business opportunity, there is a good chance you’ll be the only one who sends them a thank-you note.

These are just five ways you can use postcards in your overall marketing plan for your business. How many other reasons can you think of to send a quick note to someone you’d like to do business with?

Audrey :)

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