Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Think Outside the Box

Thinking outside of the box is a must in direct sales. There are literally millions of distributors out there selling both their product lines and also offering their business opportunities.

The October 2009 issue of Business Week mentioned my favorite social media network, Facebook and shared how Facebook might be thinking outside of the box in the future. There is a possibility that Facebook might charge for a “no ads experience.” There is also a chance that Facebook might charge a service fee if you want your photos printed. You’ll still be able to upload photos, the only difference is they’d now offer a service to print them.

Nothing about the basic Facebook service will change. The service I love will remain the same, but there are now a few ways that this network might bring in additional revenue for themselves.

Thinking of the service and products you offer, what are some ways you can offer more? One suggestion is, if you have a large group is to offer a bulk rate catalog mailing service. Bulk rate requires about 300 pieces minimum. You can offer this as a service to those distributors on your team who may not want to purchase and mail a full package of catalogs. You can also offer this to those who don’t have 300 pieces they want to mail out. You’ll be making money by increasing your team sales though this additional service.

Take your current products and create something new. For example, I sell plastic containers. At gift giving times of the year, I can offer to sell cookies in a jar, or brownies in a jar for a price higher than the stand alone item. This might appeal to someone who otherwise would not have made the purchase.

What are some ways you can think outside the box to further your own direct sales business?

Audrey :)

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