Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Decide It's Ok

I first read this article several months ago. I saved it and wanted to share it with you:

Decide It's Ok For You Have you ever been in a position in your business where you feel like you're doing everything you can, and yet the results just aren't coming your way? Maybe someone in your team is experiencing this frustration right now.

At times like this, I recommend looking into yourself and the things you say to yourself on a daily basis. Many people don't realise that the person we speak to most often is ourselves! Every day we experience almost constant self-talk, which forms the basis of our core beliefs and attitudes.

One of the areas of self-talk that can really limit our potential is our attitude to our own success. We grow up being taught that we shouldn't show off. We shouldn't make little Susie feel bad by telling her our math grade was higher than hers. We should not take compliments well. We should blend in and not make anyone feel uncomfortable by our own achievements.

Over time, we can hear these words so often that they become our own core beliefs.

Fast forward to today, when you or someone you know isn't having the success they want or the income they desire, and you can see how our self-talk may be responsible. In this situation, we can have self-limiting beliefs that we are barely conscious of.

So, when you find that despite your efforts, success is just not coming, maybe it's time to Decide It's Ok For You.

Decide It's Ok For You to be Successful (whatever that word means to you)

Decide It's Ok For You to be Rich / Wealthy (in all aspects of life, not just financial)

Decide It's Ok For You to Earn More Than Your Husband (even if he doesn't think so)

Decide It's Ok For You to Become a Millionaire (imagine the good you can do with such abundance)

Once you make these decisions - which only take an instant - you need to change your existing beliefs; the beliefs that may have limited you for years or even decades.

If your goal is to become a millionaire, and everyone around you thinks that is a vulgar aim, you need to teach your own mind how you can not only accumulate such wealth in a way that supports your morals and values, but that during accumulation and once accumulated this wealth can help not just you but the people around you.

Similarly, if you have been programmed to believe that a woman should look after children while the man earns the majority (or entirety) of the household income, you will need to teach yourself that you can earn money while supporting your values and that your doing so will benefit your husband (reducing his pressure, perhaps) and your whole family.

In this particular example, it's important to remember that doing things for your own reasons is not selfish. Starting a business because you want to earn money yourself, or because you want to become successful in your own right, is nothing to be ashamed of. If your core beliefs are telling you that you do not deserve or are not entitled to these desires, start changing your thinking.

Often, this self-sabotage is such a subconscious action that we are not aware of it. But ask yourself these questions:

- Have you ever, on the day of an important meeting or event, become suddenly ill and had to cancel?
- Have you ever had a prospect contact you, only for you to never ring them back because of some fear?
- Have you ever heard about a networking event and, despite being available that day, not attended because you "know" it won't be worthwhile?
- Have you ever spent the day tidying or cleaning the house despite having important work to do for your business?
- Have you ever played down your achievements to friends, relatives or colleagues?
- Have you ever described your business as "a hobby", "just something I do in my spare time", or said to someone who enquires "oh you wouldn't be interested"?

If you can answer 'yes' to any of these questions, limiting beliefs may be holding you back from achieving your true potential.

The good news? These beliefs can be changed at any time. Identify the beliefs that are limiting you, and whenever a thought crosses your mind that supports these beliefs, say (out loud if at all possible) "SCRAP THAT!" and (again, out loud if possible) replace that rogue thought with one that supports the person you are and the desires you have.

e.g. "I'll never do this..." SCRAP THAT! "Just because it's hard doesn't mean I have to quit."

Remember, we are all here to achieve our true potential in all of our relationships, finances, work, spirituality/religion, and community involvement.

So give yourself permission to shine.

Decide It's Ok For You...

(c) Katie Forrest, 2007
Katie Forrest Nutritionist & Network Marketer

~ ~ ~
Audrey :)


Ana said...

Wow this article couldn't have come at a better time! I'm so guilty of trying to down play any accomplishments I've made because i don't want to offend anyone. I truly believe that it has effected my potential to do well in my online store.I'm afraid to advertise my store for fear people will think I'm trying to promote myself personally when all I want is to make a living (which is what most people want whether they own a biz or have a job).

Anne said...

What a great article! It's amazing what we'll say to ourselves that we would never dream of saying to another person!