Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mystery Shopping

What is Mystery Shopping?

Every day I receive emails from folks asking me about mystery shopping. My very first mystery shopping assignment was for Domino’s Pizza. I don’t know their system today, but many years ago, when I was a mystery shopper for them, I would receive one large 2 topping pizza from them each month in return for taking notes and submitting a questionnaire to them about my overall experience.

Many companies rely on mystery shoppers to help them see the shopping experience through the customer’s eyes.

Mystery shoppers are used in fast food restaurants, in electronic stores and in many retail establishments.

As a mystery shopper you will take note of things such as the name tag of the person helping you and whether that person is dressed according to company code. You’ll be asked if the facility was neat and clean. You’ll be asked to time how long you wait to be helped. Each store has a different set of criteria they ask you to take notice of. Many shops do not allow you to have children with you when you shop. You are always told this right up front. Read through the rules thoroughly before accepting the job.

Unfortunately there are many scammers out there who want to scam you out of your money, promising that for a small fee, they will provide you with books or databases of companies that will hire you to be a mystery shopper. Once you pay, the company is gone and you are no closer to being chosen as a mystery shopper than when you began.

I can not say it enough. DO NOT EVER PAY money to become a mystery shopper. The scammers will say they will reimburse you after you complete your first assignment. This is not true. Scammers will say they are trying to sort out the serious from the not serious. Again, this is not true. One more time, DO NOT EVER PAY money to become a mystery shopper.

So where can you start if this appeals to you? One place to start is . You can apply once you read the introductory information and take the introductory test. Each new store you shop at will require that you pass a test on that store’s criteria to have you shop.

Mystery shopping can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to earn a few extra dollars each week.

Audrey :)


Ana said...

Great advice about scammers! I used to mystery shopper. I loved doing it.

jeanne winters said...

I've done some mystery shopping in the past. The restaurant ones were fun, but sometimes the reviews were tedious, so you've got to decide if it's worth it.

You're in Santa Barbara!!!!!!!!!!!! How lovely!!!!! My dream place!! Do you love it? Have you been there forever?