Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are You Mr/Mrs Temptation?

I read the most wonderful blog post this morning http://coachyourmind.blogspot.com/2009/11/hello-who-is-this.html

Dayne describes what I often see in network marketing. We're taught to listen for the "no" and then overcome it. We're told to present an offer that no one can refuse.

When you read Dayne's post, he shares that he never expressed an interest in what was being sold. He never asked for the phone call. He actually said no, yet the caller continued to peruse Dayne as if he were a lead.

Now, what would have happened if Dayne had said yes? The caller would've thought he had made a sale. But in reality, all he would have done is wear Dayne down. Once Dayne hung up, how excited do you think Dayne would have been?

Whether you're selling a specific product or your business opportunity, you want someone who means yes when they say yes. You want someone who is happy they said yes and enthusiastic to begin their new business with you.

Stay away from becoming Mr/Mrs Temptation. Instead make yourself known as Mr/Mrs Thoughtful or Helpful, the person others want to do business with.

Audrey :)


Becca said...

It's so nice to have people actually acknowledge that yes sometimes just means "I can't argue with you anymore". Great post!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Wow! Thank you for the acknowledgment(s)!

Great post. We should want to put our arms around our clients, rather than try to grab their arms and pull them to us.

They should feel as if THEY'RE deciding to do business with us... instead of (as you stated) feel obligated or worn out in the process. The process should feel exciting, not tiring!

Go TO them... WITH them... never pulling!

Again, love your post.