Friday, August 8, 2008

Create a Vision Board For Your Direct Sales Business

I’m a strong believer in vision boards. I believe that what you see and what you believe can become a reality.

A vision board is a collage of photos and pictures that represent what you want in your life.

Most people use poster board to create their vision boards. The number of items you want on your board will determine the size of the poster board you need.

One of my favorite vision board activities for those in network marketing is to take your company magazine and cut out the pages of those people the company is recognizing. Now add your photo to that page.

If you company creates a list of names of high achievers, add your name to that list. These items need to be close to your work space. Your vision board should be on the wall behind your work space so that you are constantly reminded of where you want your photo and your name.

Is there a trip you’d like to take? Perhaps you’d like to visit a state or country you’ve never been to before. Get some photos and maps of the area and put them on your vision board. Perhaps you’d like to visit family you’ve not seen for a while. Get photos of them and add those photos to your vision board.

What does your car look like? Is there a different car you’d rather drive? Get a photo of that car on your vision board. Better yet, visit the local dealer and get a photo of you right next to that car. Tell the dealer you are working on a business and you are working toward buying the car and you’d like the photo. Those I know who have done this, have never been turned down for the photo.

What about your home? What would you like to be different? Get photos of what you want on your vision board.

Do you have favorite quotes? I know one girl whose entire vision board is filled with meaningful quotes. Those quotes help her to be the person she wants to be. If you have favorite quotes, type them out, get them in color and attach them to your vision board.

Are there people that you really admire? Get some photos of these people and add them to your vision board.

Vision boards can be very powerful in reminding you daily what is it you want and who it is you want to be.

Audrey :)

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