Monday, August 25, 2008

How Direct Sales Influences Our Children

When I began in direct sales my first born child was only 3 months old. Just this past week, this adult child’s boss told me what an incredible asset she is to his department.

I really believe a lot of my daughter’s work ethics came from being the daughter of a direct sales distributor.

There are several things that children learn from their parents’ direct sales businesses.

My daughter saw me work every single day. She never saw me “call in sick”. She grew up knowing that going to work each day was not optional, it was mandatory. Today, she calls in sick only if she can’t get out of bed. There have actually been times that my daughter has been sent home sick as she’s gone in when not feeling great.

My daughter learned to follow through on both projects and on verbal commitments. If I told someone I’d call them in a week, that action item was put into my calendar and the call was made on the appropriate day. If I was researching a marketing technique, my daughter saw me do the research and then make a decision to either not invest or to execute the plan.

My daughter learned communication skills from my network marketing business. She saw me work with lots of people and work hard on those relationships. When she was older, my daughter helped me with my monthly newsletter, one of my ways of communicating with both customers and team members.

I have always read for business. I read books, I read magazines and I read articles. My daughter has a strong love of reading. She enjoys both fiction and non fiction. She enjoys many different authors and enjoys both short stories and long books. She has learned to appreciate many styles of writing.

My daughter also learned to use a database. By the time she was 10 years old, she was working at least 5 hours per week for me entering data into my database. This knowledge has made her very proficient on the computer and very adaptable in learning new software programs.

These 5 skills alone have made her a very valuable employee over and over again.

Audrey :)

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