Thursday, August 28, 2008

Use Your Own Birthday To Build Your Direct Sales Business

Have you ever attended a store sale and the store has advertised that the sale is in honor of their birthday or their anniversary?

You can do that exact same thing to celebrate your own birthday. If the month of your birthday has 4 weeks, offer a different sales special each of the four weeks.

You might offer a bundle package at a reduced rate one week. You might offer a gift certificate for qualified purchases one week. You might offer a discount on a specific product one week. And finally you might offer a free product with purchase one week. These are all ways to get increased sales each week of your birthday month.

You might consider sign up specials the month of your birthday also. You might offer a free product with kit purchase one week. You might offer a small discount on the kit one week (I’d do this the first week, so that those who signed up earlier in the month aren’t upset). You can offer each of these for a two week period.

Publicize that it’s your birthday. It’s a way to open the door for communications. I have my birthday listed in all of my online profiles. I also talk about what I’ll be doing that week or even that month.

Consider offering a contest in honor of your birthday. State right on the contest webpage that in honor of your birthday you are giving away ______ and then let the contest run the entire month of your birthday.

Run a fundraiser the month of your birthday. Let customers know that in honor of your birthday you’ll be donating 10% of all sales to ________. Let them know which organization you’re making the donation to and what the money might be used for.

Your birthday comes around once a year. Take full advantage of those 30 days to promote your business.


Kim said...

Great info, thanks! said...

When you run promotions regularly, it gives people a reason to come back. I have always done my promotions through newsletters but this information has helped me realize that I should put the promotions on my site as well. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Great idea!