Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Using Gift Certificates In Your Network Marketing Business

Gift certificates are a wonderful way to build your network marketing business. You can build your customer base and seek out new team members using gift certificates.

If your company does not offer gift certificates, then create your own using any word processor.

Here are some ideas on using gift certificates to promote your business:

Offer an incentive for customers. If they buy $50 worth of products, they’ll receive a $10 gift certificate. If they buy $100 worth of products, they’ll receive a $20 gift certificate.

Offer an incentive to those who join your team. If they join and place a $100 order in their first week, you’ll give them a $10 gift certificate.

Offer to sponsor a contest with a $10 or $20 gift certificate. Often you’ll get lots of publicity from the people offering the contest and it’s a wonderful way to introduce your products to potential new customers.

Sponsor your own contest and offer a gift certificate as the prize.

If your school, church or synagogue is having a silent auction, offer a gift certificate. Your name will be in the auction program and will be on the table with the sign-up sheet for this item.

When you need to purchase a gift for a wedding, shower, anniversary or birthday, offer a gift certificate for your products. It’s a wonderful way to introduce those you know to the products you are selling in a very non threatening way.

Write a few articles on gift giving and the benefits of giving gift certificates. In the bio section of these articles, include a link to a page where readers can purchase gift certificates for your company. You’ll need to do this with an anchored text link. Most directories offer directions on how to create an anchor text link.

Approach companies that offer holiday gifts. Offer them a discount if they purchase gift certificates for their employees through you.

If you want to thank someone for their hospitality, send them a gift certificate instead of flowers. They’ll enjoy your product(s) long after the flowers would’ve been dead.

Instead of buying teachers gifts that they almost always don’t need or want, offer them a gift certificate instead. I remember one year giving all of the high school teachers my daughter had a gift. Each one of them offered a very touching thank-you. They all loved their gift certificates.

Using gift certificates is a very subtle way to introduce your company and your products to others.

Audrey :)

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TJACKwellness.com said...

oooo... great ideas! GCs allow you to promote your business while giving others an incentive to buy. Thanks!