Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Outsourcing In Your Direct Sales Business

While many ads will lead you to believe that direct sales is something that can be done in your sleep, I believe there is so much to do that outsourcing some can save you time, which can help make you money.

So, what can you outsource? Here’s my list of some of the things you can outsource:

Article writing and/or article submission. I’m a strong supporter of article marketing as part of your overall marketing plan. You can hire ghost writers to help with some of the writing and you can hire virtual assistants to help you submit those articles. I will caution you that some directories frown upon authors using ghost writers, so do use extreme caution here.

If you have a blog, you can get guest bloggers to help you keep fresh content on your blog. You can either hire a ghost writer or you can get a guest blogger and allow them a link to their own site from the post.

If you are sending out form letter emails, you can hire someone to keep track of your data and send out the appropriate emails. Perhaps you send emails congratulating team members on sales. Or perhaps you send emails if a team member’s account is about to become inactive. These are excellent tasks to outsource to someone else.

Placing classified ads can be very time consuming. Outsource this task to someone else. Once you’ve written the ad, anyone can submit it. Consider hiring someone to take on this job.

If you are delivering products locally, hire an errand service to do this chore for you. My daughter buys Avon from a woman who personally delivers all of her own orders. This could be a huge timesaver.

Do you hand out catalogs and flyers? This is another job that can be outsourced. Make sure the person you hire for this job can be trusted. I’ve seen pizza flyer employees dump hundreds of flyers in the trash bin and then go say, “I handed them out.” If you mail out catalogs once a month, once a quarter or even once a year, you can outsource this to a home based employee. They can keep track of your database and either address envelopes or produce labels and then prepare the catalogs for mailing and take them to the post office.

Do you send out a newsletter? You can sometimes hire a ghost writer to write the newsletter for you. If you’re sending it by postal mail, you can outsource the copying and labeling.

As a direct sales distributor, your time needs to be spent talking to others, meeting others and networking with others. Consider outsourcing those tasks that you are able to outsource.

Audrey :)

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