Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wear Your Company Name in Direct Sales

Over the years I’ve had many conversations with those in direct sales about wearing the company name on clothing, or just wearing something that says “I work at home.” I will say that men and women tend to have different views on this topic.

I’ve always been a supporter of wearing your company name, or having clothing that lets others know you work at home. It’s a wonderful but very passive way to let others know what you do and have others asking you questions.

Here are some ideas for wearing your business or company name:

Find earnings with a dollar sign on them. If you sell cosmetics, find earrings that are in the shape of a lipstick. I’ve seen many companies offer jewelry as an incentive award. Wear that jewelry.

Wear a sweatshirt or t-shirt with either the company name on it or a catchy phrase. I just read the post of a gentleman the other day who wears a shirt that says "Can You Guess What I'm Doing ... RIGHT NOW?" on the front and then on the back says "Making Money.”

There are several companies that sell buttons. Buttons are also conversation starters. I’ve seen buttons that say, “ask me how I work at home.” I’ve also seen buttons with company names on them. Finally, I’ve seen buttons that say, “I specialize in fundraisers.” Each of these is a conversation starter. Buttons are made and worn to be conversation starters.

When my kids were young I had my company URL on my diaper bag. It was made for me by a wonderful friend. I used to get asked quite often about the company just from my diaper bag.

If you wear baseball caps, consider having one embroidered with your company name on it.

Try wearing your business or company name for 30 days and see if you can get some conversations started with those you come in contact with.

Audrey :)

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