Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogging For Your Direct Sales Business

I am seeing more and more network marketers start blogs in the hopes of attracting new customers and new team members.

I can’t stress enough that if your blog is about business only, people will come, scan the contents and leave.

If your blog offers information that is helpful, people will continue to come back and continue to read. Your goal should be to get regular visitors to your blog.

People do business with those they tend to know. If someone is visiting your blog on a regular basis, they begin to feel like they know you.

Once you have a blog, how can you attract others to come to your blog?

Write some articles and use the blog URL in your bio. Write the articles on the topic of your blog. For example, one of my blogs is a parenting blog. I write articles about parenting and in the bio, I include the URL of my blog. Submit these articles to a few popular directories.

Run a contest on your blog. Give away one of your company’s products. This allows you to introduce your product to readers and to bring in many new potential customers. Submit your contest to any of the contest websites out there. I can get up to 1000 visitors from one contest. I ask them to please look at my site and tell me something, either a favorite product or something they’ve learned.

Join a blog carnival that is the topic/theme of your blog. If you do a web search for “blog carnival” you’ll find many. I’ve seen some carnivals attract over 1000 participants. That’s a lot of potential traffic for your blog.

Make sure you have links to your network marketing business on your sidebars. I use both text links and a button link on my blogs.

Offer link exchanges with other blogs that are the same theme as your blog. Remember you’re not just selling on your blog, you’re offering valuable information. By exchanging links you’ll attract even more visitors to your blog.

Make it a point to comment on at least 10 new blogs every day. Very often when you comment on someone’s blog, they’ll comment on yours too.

Blogging is a wonderful way to build your network marketing business if done correctly. Try the above suggestions and see if your team begins to grow.

Audrey :)


Dilasari Hidayat said...

Thank you for the tips. I've been writing a blog in between my hectic daily house work but never really pay attention to getting more traffic. I'm now leaving comments on blogs that I come accross as well as trying to exchange links with them.

greg said...

Good idea about commenting on other blogs.

It works on many levels!