Thursday, September 4, 2008

Using Samples and Demo Products in Your Direct Sales Business

What better way to introduce prospective customers to your products than by handing out samples and using your demonstration products.

If your company offers samples, I suggest two things:

Hand out samples to non customers. Introduce them to your products/company with a sample and information sheet. Let them know what it is you’ve given them and how they can use it.

Give existing customers either a sample of an older product they have not yet used or give them a sample of a brand new product. Once again, provide an information sheet on the sample.

Does your company offer demonstration products? If so, I suggest you set up a budget to buy a few new products each and every month. You can use these products at parties, at shows and fairs and any time you are meeting with a customer one on one. People are more likely to buy something they can see and use. I use demonstration products in my everyday life. I’ve gotten many orders from taking a product to a potluck. I don’t say a word. People ask me where the product came from.

Demonstration products that are not used, meaning you’ve shown them but not actually used them can be sold. I have a few suggestions for selling off those products:

Hold an open house once or twice a year. Invite all of your customers. Let them come and browse and do a cash and carry set up. Offer the products at cost. This allows you to earn back the money you spent on the product and it allows your customers to get a good deal on products.

If you know a customer wants a product but can’t afford it right now, offer to buy it as a demo product and then after using it for 30 days or even 60 days, you’ll sell it to this customer at cost.

When you sell off your demo products, you now have money to reinvest in new demo products. You’ve also been able to offer your customers a wonderful open house opportunity.

Invest in samples and demo products and watch your sales climb.

Audrey :)

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