Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Handling Resistance in Direct Sales

I read something the other day that has been on my mind since I read it. A woman was very upset with her family. Her family was not supporting her decision to invest into a network marketing business. Not only were they not supporting her, but many family members were even ridiculing her decision.

I then read the replies to this woman’s situation. I was very puzzled not only by the original problem but by the answers as well. She received advice to push a bit harder, to be a bit more patient in her dealings with her family and to try a different approach when talking to her family.

My answer was very different. I believe she needs to stop talking to her family about her business. I really believe it’s just that simple.

Have you ever spoken to someone about candidates or ballot issues and discovered you both had very different thoughts on the matter? What do you do? Do you keep coming back hoping to change their mind? Do you bring the subject up every time you’re with them? There is a world of difference between mutual respect and mutual sharing of opinions versus a debate over who’s right and who’s wrong.

What about parenting issues? If you believe in co-sleeping or spanking and someone else does not, those conversations can lead to very hurt feelings and in some cases can ruin a friendship. Would you go back and try to change their mind? Would you try to repackage your opinion to present it again?

I really believe when you have a direct sales business and you run up against negative words and resistance, it’s time to stop talking to that person about your business. There is just nothing to gain from having the conversations. We all like support in our decisions. If you are not getting support, quit seeking it. We all want new customers and new team members. Again, this is not going to happen when you’re talking to someone who disagrees with your choice.

It requires an awful lot of mental energy to argue with those whose opinion is different than ours. I would much rather invest that energy into celebrating my business successes. Where do you want to invest that mental energy?

Audrey :)

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Eileen Fox said...

Hi Audrey,
Eileen here from Connie's forum. Ashamed to say I had not seen your blog link till now. Which is funny because the topic was just so dead on with some stuff going on with me right now. Well written and thought out. Thank you.