Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Your Business Card Is An Effective Marketing Tool In Network Marketing

What exactly is a business card? For me, my business card is one of the least expensive forms of advertising I possess.

Your business card is your introduction to potential clients, and prospects. This is your opportunity to tell every person you come in contact with what you have to offer them in writing. You've heard the expression "get it in writing". With your business card, you can give it to them in writing.

I have found very reasonable prices at both Staples and OfficeMax. They offer white paper, colored paper, black and white ink, two ink colors, company logos etc.

When deciding what to put on your business card, remember you want to entice people, not bore them. Stay away from fancy lacy print; it's far too difficult to read. Don't cram so much into the small space of a business card that each line runs together. So what exactly should you put on your card? People want to know how to contact you. Your business card should include your name, address, phone, fax and website. If you accept emails about your business, then by all means include your email address as well. By including the name of the company you represent, your contact knows exactly what to expect. Many people like to use a one liner describing their business. Make this line something that is a selling point for your business. My cards tell people "Over 50 Years In the Kitchen". With so many businesses failing each year, I feel it's important to let my contacts know that they are dealing with a company that has been around for quite some time.

Have you ever received a business card and turned it over? What do you see? Usually nothing. I see this as a waste of valuable advertising space. You can hand write a personal note. You can put labels on this space that say any multitude of things. My favorite labels say "call me to find out how this card can have your name on the front". I print these on Avery labels and run them off on my printer. Again, this is your opportunity to advertise you and the company you represent.

Now if you are like me, you will soon be looking at a box with 1000 cards in it. When I saw my first box of business cards, I imagined them on the shelf for the next 5 years collecting dust. What would I possibly do with 1000 business cards?

The following is a list of the many places I leave my business cards:

On bulletin boards in stores and fast food establishments.
On the mirror behind the sink in public restrooms (use a magnet on the back of your card)
On the counter of ATM machines
In the shopping cart when I'm done using it at the grocery store.
Inside the pages of library books for the next user to find
On the tables of fast food restaurants
Inside magazines at the doctor’s offices
In the pouch on the airplane seat in front of mine.

In addition, I hand out my cards to anyone I meet during my day. If I'm at the grocery store and strike up a conversation with another shopper, I end by handing him/her a business card. If I visit the park with my kids, I hand business cards to all the other parents there. When I mail bills, I always stick a business card in with my payment. Whenever I write a thank you note to a customer, I add two business cards, one for them and one for a friend.

Make it a goal to hand out 100 cards per week and watch your business grow!!

Audrey :)

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funfelt said...

These are great tips. I also found that handing one to everyone at a home party and telling them you are their XYZ consultant and to keep this handy, works too! I also leave them in the restrooms while traveling, at rest stops or in campgrounds. :)